If you are interested in becoming a therapy dog team with your dog or simply want to support therapy dog work in the Albuquerque community, we have a place for you. We have two categories of membership in High Desert Therapy Dogs for you to consider:

Supporting Members – These are members with all the rights and benefits of membership, who for whatever reason are not interested or able to serve as an actual therapy dog team at this time. They might be between dogs, have a dog that is not quite ready to function as a therapy dog or simply want to support therapy dog work without a dog. NOTE: Supporting Members are not required to obtain Alliance of Therapy Dogs (ATD) certification (see below) since they will not be visiting with a therapy dog. If a Supporting Member’s situation should change and they desire to begin visiting with a therapy dog, they may do so after submitting proof of ATD certification and insurance. Click HERE to go to the electronic High Desert Therapy Dogs membership application and complete Part 1 for Supporting Members.

Visiting Members – These are members with dogs that want to participate in therapy dog work. In order to be a Visiting Member, the handler and dog must submit proof that they are certified and insured through Alliance of Therapy Dogs (ATD). These individuals may already be certified by ATD or may need to initiate their ATD certification at this time. Although the ATD certification process is fairly straightforward and can be done all on your own, we are also available to help you through this process. We’ve been through it numerous times and can help answer questions and provide guidance if desired. Visit the ATD website at www.therapydogs.com for information and the required forms to begin the process. 

Once you have your ATD member number in hand, you are ready to apply as a Visiting Member of High Desert Therapy Dogs.

We hope you’ll decide to join High Desert Therapy Dogs in whatever capacity that works for you. You will help bring smiles to faces throughout Albuquerque!

Please fill out the form below to request membership information.