Avamere Rehab Christmas Eve Visit December 2020

2020.12.24 Avamere Rehab Christmas Eve

Spreading Cheer Through the Looking Glass!

Christmas Eve 2020 greeted our wagging warriors with a crisp morning and a mission to spread smiles and cheer. With that end goal in mind, our four legged friends rounded up their human pawrents and headed off to rendezvous with the rest of the High Desert Therapy Dog Squad to meet Santa at Avamere Rehab at Fiesta Park. 

After meeting in the parking lot and exchanging hellos, all donned their festive attire and masked up. Tails were checked for the proper wagging speed, paws were stretched to allow for maximum waving ability, everyone’s jingles were jangling, and it was GO TIME!

With the afternoon sun spreading warmth on our backs, it was time to spread some joy and holiday warmth to the hearts behind the glass waiting for their bodies to heal. Santa led the pack, with Diesel the Chocolate Lab in tow, sporting the trendiest of pom pom leg warmers to greet each reflection behind the window. 

Feeling a little bit like a cat (because we all know cats are sneaky) burglar, human teammates weaved through bushes and trees to gaze  through glass reflections to locate awaiting patients and presented each an eager therapy dog waiting to do the job they have missed so much during the passing year. And do it they did!

Sunny Daze could not contain her joy while being chauffeured in her chest carrier, Travis wagged expectantly while sporting his Santa suit, who matched Stella with her silky white fur to compliment  her attire. Skye was smashing in her pom pom collar, while Chai sported her Tree Rex T shirt and signature hair bows. Zia made everyone smile with giant reindeer horns, while Carly in her Santa cape kept everyone laughing with her Mom’s silly singing elf hat. Not to be outdone Two-Socks was a waving delight bringing up the rear with Christmas cheer. 

All wags and paws were rewarded with smiles and waves, many caregivers rushed ahead to open up blinds so patients could  await Santa and his crew. The High Desert Therapy Teams have gathered new skills in lip reading through the windows and it was a joy to be able to interact with patients that have been isolated during the 2020 pandemic crisis. It is visits like today why we do what we do, why we must continue to do what we do, not only to spread our joy, but to bring a small piece of home to others who can’t be with family during times like these. 

Thank you to the Heroes that care for our patients that we visit. Thank you to the facilities that enable us to continue our mission in creative ways until we all can again be together to pet and hug and snuggle. From our Teammates and our Dogs, we miss you, we are waiting for you, and we can’t wait until you can pet and cuddle our pups again. Merry Christmas and  Joyous wishes this holiday season to all!

A Special thank you to Julie Davis for welcoming us to Avamere Rehab and for always helping us spread joy and happiness!

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