Biscuit & Carli eager to begin their duties at Presbyterian’s Vaccination Hub

High Desert Therapy Dogs is so thrilled that our teams are now able to provide in person comfort to the community as restrictions are lifted and New Mexico slowly shifts back to a new normal. HDTD has been fortunate enough to have teams currently registered as volunteers within the Presbyterian network , as our teams became vaccinated, and our members coordinated with the staff at the Hospitals and clinics, we were ready when Presbyterian said…IT IS GO TIME!! Although limited, our teams are as involved as the restrictions and precautions can allow us to be. Covid Vaccine efforts presented the perfect opportunity for our Dogs to practice their super powers of spreading joy and calm, and they were ready! Several teams have been providing on going support and encouragement to patients at Presbyterian vaccination events and as you can see, are a big hit! It is hard to frown when there is a dog around, ok, you will still maybe feel a little pinch, but a hug and a pet makes it feel a little better does it not?

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