This year has meant so much to so many, seeing our teams find creative ways to continue to impact our communities during the pandemic and the hard work put forth to cement High Desert Therapy Dogs as a source of support to those we impact has been truly inspirational. Thank you to our former sponsors, your funds allowed our teams to have face forward branding at no cost to them , providing stylish polos for our leash holders. As our teams have more in person access to support patients and events , the joy our dogs express at being able to do what they do best is evident in the photos included in this post. At this time our teams would like to extend our gratitude to our community for your continued support. On this Giving Tuesday there are several ways to continue to support HDTD, we offer yearly sponsorships (documents included in this post), as well as ways to directly donate via our PayPal link. Your support matters in so may ways, it empowers our teams to be branded, contribute to transportation pools for special events, booth rentals at community events, scholarships for team dues, insurance fees and so much more so we can focus on providing the comfort and joy that pet therapy can provide. Thank you so much New Mexico and friends of HDTD, we continue to appreciate you and all you do for us so we can continue our mission!

Thank You from our Team #2021GivingTuesday

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