Supporting our Community & Educators

Behind the scenes of ‘Back to School’

Few of us ever get to go back to school as adults, fewer puppies get to run around hallways and poke noses under desks! So how lucky are our teams to get to support our local educators with Pet Therapy Visits! Throughout the year Albuquerque Public Schools Employee Wellness arranges for our teams to visit the staff behind the scenes at events, within the various Administrative facilities and buildings, and during stressful preparation times. This is in addition to the support we provide students during our on-campus requested visits. Having the opportunity to provide cuddles and smiles to our community’s educators just makes our day! Incredible efforts go on behind the scenes of every school year, every school day to provide education and care for the next generation. Thank you Albuquerque Public Schools for letting us visit on occasion, we enjoy getting to go ‘Back to School’.